How To Say Bag in Korean

Korean Word of the Day: How to say Bag in Korean

Bag in Korean

In yesterday’s KWotD, we looked at the Korean word for ‘head’ so if you missed that one, be sure to check it out unless you already know the word! Today we will learn how to say ‘bag’ in Korean and for this, we use  the word:



(in Hangul: 가방)


Note that while this word is used for most kind of bags, you should use  ‘bong-tu’ (봉투) or  ‘bong-ji’ (봉지) for shopping bags. More over, you can specify the type of bag you are talking about by using words like ‘seo-ryu ka-bang’ (서류 가방) meaning briefcase, ‘chaek-ka-bang’ (책가방) meaning ‘school bag’ etc.



Ex. 1

책을 가방에 넣다.

[chaek-eul ka-bang-e neo-ta]

=To but a book inside a bag.


Ex. 2

가방을 들다.

[ka-bang-eul deul-da]

= To carry a bag.


*Note: all examples in this lesson are in their dictionary form.


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As usual we reocmmend that you learn hangul if you are serious about learning Korean if you haven’t already done so. It is much easier than you probably think and, believe it or not, it will only take you a few days to be able to read the entire alphabet. So what are you waiting for?

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