[KWotD] – How To Say Water in Korean – 물

How to say water in Korean - 물

Water in Korean

We all drink it everyday, it’s home to all fish in the world and responsible for the majority of your weight. – In today’s Word of the Day lesson, we will take a look at how to say “water” in Korean. For this, we use the word:



(in Hangul: 물)


This is of course one of those essential words that you absolutely should learn sooner than later in any language you intend to learn. For an easy way to memorize it, think of a cow named “Molly” drinking water and going “moo.” …or maybe make up your own story!

We also reocmmend that you learn hangul if you are serious about learning Korean. It is easier than you think and will only take you a few days to be able to read the entire alphabet.


mul jom juseyo (in Hangul: 물 좀 주세요)

= Please give me some water.


muleul mashyeoyo (물을 마셔요)

= I drink water.


mul han jan (물 한 잔)

= one glass of water


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By: Kimchi Cloud

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