Kimchi Cloud is a website dedicated to teach, on an in-depth level, Korean to English speakers. Whatever your goal is, and wherever your current level of proficiency is at, Kimchi Cloud has content for everyone with an interest in the Korean language and/or culture. The motiviation behind the site and its content is the very small volume of good material available for English speakers. It is made by a foreigner (with the help of native Korean speakers) who knows all the hardships and frustrations of reading textbooks with poor explanations and not “getting it.”

Grammar and vocabulary are very different from the English language. So unless you are either Chinese or Japanese, or know their languages, there is a whole lot more to learning Korean than just memorizing. Many words, let alone sentences, won’t translate very well to English and the nuances between sentence structures (grammar) with similar meaning can often be extremely hard to notice unless explicitly explained (which is often not the case in books and resources available, especially not for advanced content). But all articles on Kimchi Cloud is written with exactly that in mind!

Korean takes a long time to learn, but with the help of Kimchi Cloud, it won’t take as long!


Do you have any questions? Or perhaps want to request a lesson? Whatever it is,  just use the contact form to send an email, or simply leave a comment in any of the articles available on the site!