[KWotD] – How To Say Sky in Korean – 하늘

How to say sky in Korean - 하늘

Sky in Korean

In today’s Word of the Day, we will take a look at how to say “sky” in Korean. For this, we use the word:



(in Hangul: 하늘)


Haneul translates perfectly to English so it’s just a matter of memorizing the sound and spelling and you’re good. On top of just being a word, Ha-neul is a rather popular name in Korea and is directly taken from the word “sky.” The interesting thing about this name is that it is a pure Korean word and not a Sino Korean word like most names. Wikipedia has a well-written article about the name Ha-neul if you wanna know more.



haneul-eul nal-da (하늘을 날다)

= to fly in the sky.


haneul-i mak-da (하늘이 맑다)

= the sky is clear.


haneul-e goo-reum han jeom opsoyo (하늘에 구름 한 점 없어요).

= There is not one cloud in the sky.

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