[KWotD] – 귀지 (Earwax)

Korean Word of the Day - 귀지 (Earwax)

Meaning of 귀지

귀지: earwax

It might not be the prettiest word you’ll learn in Korean so I apologize in advance if you are reading this during breakfast. But nevertheless, if you really want to learn a language, you gotta learn all ’em words! Thankfully, this is one of those words, as is often the case with nouns, that you can just translate straight to English without having to worry about slight differences.

What might not be obvious, however, is how you would actually use it. If you want to say “to remove earwax,” you would say

귀지를 제거하다


귀지를 파다 carries the meaning of “to pick your ear” (파다 means to dig).

But to a certain extent, they can be used somewhat interchangeably (like you would in English)

If you want to read more about 귀지 in Korean (including a Youtube video of a cat!), you can check out the article over at 엔하 위키 미러.

제거하다 – To remove

파다 – to dig

By Kimchi Cloud