[KWotD] – How To Say Cloud in Korean – 구름

How to say Cloud in Korean - 구름

Cloud in Korean

How has the weather been recently? If the sky has been white rather than blue, this article might interest you a little bit more because in today’s Korean Word of the Day, we will learn how to say “cloud” in Korean. For this, we use the word:


(in Hangul: 구름)


It is, of course, a noun and luckily, it translates smoothly to English so you can use it just like you normally would. Again, this word is a noun, but what if we want to use an adjective to say “cloudy”? Well, then we would simply use:



(in Hangul: 흐리다)


Note that this is the dictionary form, so if we want to use it to describe a noun, like “day” we have to change it to heurin (흐린). For example:

heurin nal (흐린 날)

= (a) cloudy day



gooreumi manta (구름이 많다)

= There are a lot of clouds.


You can also use gooreumi ggieoyo (구름이 끼어요) to say “it is cloudy.”

구름이 끼다

= to be cloudy


구름이 낀 하늘

= a cloudy sky


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