[KWotD] – What Does 억양 Mean?

Korean Word of the Day: What does 억양 mean?

억양 (noun)
Meaning: intonation, accent

Meaning of 억양

It’s Monday March 2, 2015 and our Korean Word of the Day is 억양 which means “intonation” or “accent.” Just like a lot of Korean nouns (as opposed to verbs) this word translates rather well to its English counterpart, meaning that you can use it just like you would use the English word. It does however cover both “intonation” and “accent” with one word so keep that in mind.

Also, don’t confuse this with the word 발음 which refers to pronounciation of words and not the melody and intonation of the language.



억양으로 미루어 일본사람이다.

= Judging from his accent, he’s Japanese.

억양이 없는 목소리로 이야기했다.

= He talked with a plain voice (=without any intonation)


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